Here we go again

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I recently worked up the appetite to start blogging again. I’m at a place in my life where a lot of things have changed and in the past, it just helped me to stay on an even keel by writing through it. I used to write much more. I did so on home-built CMS systems and blog platforms that have since been archived in the digital landfill of wiped hard drives.

Everything I ever make is replaced within a few years. It’s a fascinating concept.

But of course, before I start writing, I had to compile another one of my own blogging platforms. It’s becoming less and less work as laziness drives people to innovate and simplify the mind-numbingly boring parts of blasting some characters onto the web. I’m writing this on my new toy called It’s one of those shiny new headless CMS platforms that can be extremely dangerous in the hands of people like me. Jack of all trades but master of none.

If this post turns out ok, I might just update my DNS records and bid Tumblr farewell. Thanks for all the fish.

It also means that you can watch in real-time while I cobble this thing together. It’s going to be more exciting than watching paint dry, I promise (this is usually how it starts. High ambitions but then no delivery). The cool kids have stopped calling it blogging and new Digital Gardens are all the rage. This is mine.